Sola Scriptura

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Bible Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Sola Scriptura
“Sola Scriptura” is the belief that everything should be measured by the Bible – that the Bible should be the deciding factor for what we believe in and how we live our lives,. This concept, however, is not widely accepted. In our quickly declining society, those who believe that there is one book to govern our entire lives are thought ridiculous. The majority think everyone should lead their own lives as they feel is right for them, or so they think… “Co-exist! Live in harmony with all religions and practices! Don’t judge other people just because they don’t believe what you believe. That’s intolerance! We can’t associate with you anymore because you judge people who aren’t like you!” That is the godless, very ironic call of the world around us. One of the major problems in the world is homosexuality. People turn to homosexuality because they think that is how they are wired. They mistakenly turn to this path because they think that they are just “different,” and that is the way they are supposed to be. This is because of how far our world has turned from the Bible. We don’t want to listen, and we therefore have stopped listening, and turned up heaps of problems. Another huge drift from Sola Scriptura was when Christianity was taken out of our schools. Kids should learn about God, and learn about Him from a person who will actually teach from the Bible itself. But they are made to believe that the Bible is foolish, so that when they grow up, they end up in jail, practice fornication and some, homosexuality, have abortions, use terrible language, stop caring about doing “good” and only doing what they feel like. All this becomes RIGHT in their eyes. Then this is taught to their children and so on, and this has continued from long ago, coming down to our decrepit society today. If only we could go back to “Sola Scriptura.” If only God’s Word could be the center of our society, and all laws could stem from it. But in this world, it can never...
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