Soilders Heart

Topics: American Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg, Military Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Paulsen, Gary. Soldier's Heart. Dell Publishing, September 8, 1998. Print.

The novel I read is titled Soldier's Heart written by Gary Paulsen.The book consisted of 128 pages which seemed to be a fairly easy read in my opinion. Soldier's Heart is a historical war novel that is based on a true story of a boy who joins the Union Army. Gary Paulsen writes about his main character that takes you on an adventure from Winona, Minnesota all the way to the battle fields of Gettysburg where the novel ends. The location is also spread across the United States cities such as in Chicago, St. Louis , many of the main battle fields of the civil war for example the Battle of Bull Run. The book takes place in a span of about seven years from 1861 through 1868 when the main character finally dies from earlier war related wounds that at the time were incurable. The story of soldiers heart was written by Gary Paulsen, takes place during the American civil war. In this story the battles were fought in the original places of the war. This story is about a solider named Charley Goddard that lied about his age to enter to the Union Army. He struggles and suffered severe mind and physical problems during the war. He does not realize that the war will cause him so much stress and grief. Charley Goddard signed up in the first Minnesota Volunteers; he was 15 year old teen that lied about his age to enter the army. You must have been 18 years of age to participate in the war. He didn't know what war was, but he wanted adventure in his life. Charley Goddard thought that being a solider would bring respect and pleasure, but he had come to find out it was not until he had his first battle in Bull Run. In his first experience of war he knew that it was not the way that he expected. The truth was that he got confused and afraid, because he didn't know what he was doing there. Overall Charley was very inexperienced to fight in the war. In the second battle of Bull Run a friend of Charley...
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