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Topics: Usability, User interface, Accessibility Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: June 21, 2011
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ITM433 - Computer-Human Interaction

Software Usability -Module 4 Case

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March 13, 2011

As looking at the breakdown of the appropriate criteria of assessing usability. I believe things should be simple and easy to comprehend and easy use. For as an example of a product or software. It should be a product that is easy to use and an easy step by step program that is impossible to make mistakes. Like dummy proof, you have to be really illiterate to mess it up. I do not want to down play elders or those it may take time to catch up on things but basically abc level break down. The product I believe should automatic, because everyone do not remember up dates. Also the device and software should last longer than it should make it worth their while. The routines, and restrictions, and comments should be simple to comply with no matter who uses it. Simple breakdowns and visuals show personal daily or when and how to do things. I believe the ones that make the critiques and judgments are the ones that use products but it goes both ways because that just make the developer critique and enhance and see what they can improve to make it work for the individual that is using the product. Well a good example of how usability can be resolved let takes websites. The time to take to convince companies to spend time and money on testing on usability. Answering a lot of question on customer’s queries, and taking orders and handling complaints can be expensive. But well rounded design website that reduces this burden. A website that can make it easy to order on line, get questions answered and resolve problems. Faxes and emails would be less frequent. But on the majority of disagreements would be resolve between those that are out of agreement. They have to come together and reason with each other. Then come in a mutual agreement terms to settle their differences and what may work for best for those created the design...
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