Software R Us Training Proposal

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Software R Us Teaching Proposal


 Instructor Kathleen Dunley



The purpose of the report is to propose bringing in external instructors to train recent staff on use of Microsoft suite and for accreditation in the suite. The teaching should increase customer satisfaction, employee productivity, expertise, and employee retention.

1.0 Overview

Purpose statement-

This proposal is to bring external instructors to the workplace to train our personnel in the use of the Microsoft professional plus 2010 suite and provide accreditation to our personnel. This will let our personnel converse more efficiently between our customers and other teams in order to get there software completed.

Need Breakdown: Increase electronic communiqué

Our customers have progressively wanted more communiqué through there emails.  In-house reports confirm that 67% of our customer’s displeasure is a direct or indirect result from lack of effective communication between consumer and employee.

Interoffice communication

Our personnel are currently sending notes to each other’s offices that have been based on    reports that they were lost. We also have some personnel that require doing work at home or on corporate trips while the rest of their team remain in office.

Ineffective design and documentation

The suites are already open on each employee’s computer, though less effective methods are used for communication such as notepad. Documents typed have not been correctly formatted to meet our business standards.

Staff retention

Personnel are gradually leaving as our rivals are providing better teaching and benefits.

2.0 Discussion

2.1 Company View

If we take a good look at our existing position of the corporation we should see a group of hard       working, intellectual, and taught staff that consists of many new up-and-coming specialists in            their field. Regrettably, we also see a lack of structure and organization among the personnel. The timeworn methods of communication thru letters and written notes aren’t working. Customer approval is at a slow decay due to problems with documentation and basic Microsoft suite issues. Current usages of the suites are not efficient and personnel take large amount of time on trying to navigate the software to accomplish simple tasks. With a steady downward trend of customer satisfaction and employee retention our stockholders will become discouraged and our funding will be cut.

2.2 Available Options

There has always been the option for our personnel to go outside of our company for teaching on these suites, and though this option currently stands it provides no incentive for our personnel. We can send each employee off for teaching and certification at one of the local education faculties, but that requires our personnel commuting to classes. My recommendation action is providing the teaching on site which will increase employee willingness for the teaching.

 2.3 Benefits: Why it should be on site teaching

Providing teaching on site increases our employee’s willingness to train and properly learn the software. It will let us monitor and better control the progress in teaching that will affect their work.

Customer Satisfaction

Teaching for our personnel will not only increase their current productivity, but it will also increase our customers’ opinion on our company if we can have our personnel taught in Microsoft suites. They will be able to provide basic assistance to our customers in these programs instead of referring them to Microsoft. Teaching our personnel in Microsoft suites according to IDC increases productivity, and        specifically teaching in outlook will increase communication among personnel, there teams and   customers to better make changes requested by customer and meet deadlines.

Employee Retention

By providing this teaching to our personnel according to reports provided by IDC,...
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