Software to Support Assessment

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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Software to support assessment
Proposal to Utilize software to support assessment technology has so many uses and technology in the classroom are one of important that is use. We can use Instructional Technology in several different ways inside the classroom. Some of the ways for software to utilized inside the classroom is to make sure the ongoing efforts is facilitated to assess the students learning, summative assessments, and it helps students perform formative assessments. Technology can be used in ways to facilitate ongoing effort for the assess of students learning by allowing the students to complete projects and essays that are related to the lessons by using some technology and allow the students to complete tests and quizzes on the computer/internet (Assessment of English Language Arts Teaching and Learning 2011). Computers can have the ability to capture the student’s inputs that permits the collecting of evidence and processes such as the strategy used to reflect information that was selected, time allocation, numbers of times attempted, and approximations to solutions. By using this technology I would be able to look at test and quiz scores from the students. Also by using the technology I would be able to look at the time it took for the students to complete their test or quiz and the time it took for the students to complete each and every question. Results from the test and quiz would allow me to be able to identify what are the areas my students need improvement in and the areas their strong in and can comprehend well. Then I would go over the result from each quiz, by analyzing the results I would be able to take other routes to reconstruct my teaching methods so when I go over the lessons again the students can understand more clearly. This will allow me as a school educator to teach and perform the lesson plan in the manner students need in order for them to understand (Evaluating the Institutionalization of...
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