Software Testing and Voluminous Social Websites

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Pinteresting Insights

What Pinterest Is About
And Why You Should Be About It, Too

Table Of Contents

I.What Is
II.Who Uses Pinterest4
III.Pinterest’s Growth 6
IV.Getting Started With Pinterest9
V.Pinterest For SEO 12

I.What Is

Social sharing has become the pinnacle of daily life for millions of people from California to Calcutta with voluminous social websites popping up like candy. None, however, have made the quickest impact on the social regime than Pinterest, the social sharing platform that takes imagery sharing to the next level. Allowing users to share their favorite things through image ‘pinning’ to a customizable user pin board, Pinterest avoids the idle chatter of Twitter and Facebook and allows users to simply talk in pictures, make comments on each other’s pictures, and now even share your pins through your Facebook timeline. You can call this image bookmarking, photo sharing, or even something similarly conceived back in 2005 (Wists); webmasters are calling it ‘optimization heaven’. From the Hawkeye backyard of West Des Moines, Iowa, Ben Silbermann developed this image sharing ideology in December of ’09 as a closed beta test, picking up where the Wists concept, developed by David Galbraith, left off. In the short beta testing phase, many of the kinks and user interactions were ironed out, allowing Pinterest to open their doors on an invitation-through-email basis only in March of 2010. Today, this image sharing siesta now outranks some pretty popular competitio
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