Software Security

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Secure Electronic Commerce (INTE1070/1071) – 2012s1
Assignment 2

To explore the latest security related development in electronic commerce.

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This assignment is group based with a maximum of 3 members in a group.

There are two tasks which are preferred in the same topic: Part I: Report (20 marks) Part II: Programming (15 marks) Option 1: Design a set of small client-server programs implementing a certificate scheme. Option 2: Design and Implement your own security algorithm (with extra 3 marks bonus).

Submission details
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Due date: Midnight Sunday (week 12), i.e., 23:59 sharp, 27 May 2012. The assignment is submitted via Weblearn. Report must be submitted in HTML or PDF format. Programming languages HTML, JavaScript and PHP are preferred. Each submission must include the file readme.txt in the following format: StudentID: [your Student ID - without the initial "S"] Login: [your CS username] Name: [your full name] Partner Name: [your team member’s name] Partner ID: [your team member’s Student ID] Topic: [your report topic] Notes: [any other relevant information]

The name of the file must be lowercase readme.txt and the character set used must be viewable from a text viewer like VIM or VI.

Note that
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Each group will demonstrate (main work using ppt & programming) on weeks 11&12. Groups demonstrate on week 11 get 2 marks bonus. A penalty of 10% per day of the total marks applies for each day if submission is late. Submissions received more than five days late will receive zero marks. All work will be checked for plagiarism and incorrect referencing, and it is your responsibility to adhere to the School guidelines. See:

Provide a report on the security related event of electronic commerce. The minimum length is 2500 words (figure&reference are not counted). At least 10 publications on books, referred academic journals or...
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