Software Requirement Specification for

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Software requirement specification for
(Online Shopping and auctioning Web Site)

Prepared by

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 2 1. Purpose 2 2. Document Conventions2

3. Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions2
4. Product Scope2
5. References 2
2. Overall Description 3
1. Product Perspective3
2. Product Functions3
3. User Classes and Characteristics 3
1. Administrators 3
2. Buyers4
3. Sellers 4
4. Casual visitors4
4. Design and Implementation Constraints5
5. User Documentation6
6. Assumptions and Dependencies6
3. External Interface Requirements6
1. User Interfaces6
2. Hardware Interfaces6
3. Software Interfaces6
4. Communication Interfaces7
4. System Features7
1. Listing7
2. Account Creation8
3. Selling8
4. Buying8
5. Rating8
6. Others8
5. Other Non Functional Requirements9
1. Performance Requirements9
2. Safety Requirements9
3. Software Quality Attributes 9
4. Business Rules9
6. Appendix A: Glossary9
7. Appendix B: Analysis Models10

1. Introduction:

1. Purpose: The purpose of this SRS is to specify the requirements of the web based software application, which is an online shopping and bidding system. The module to be developed is the first version of buzzybuy –version 1.0. This Software Requirements Specification provides a complete description of all the functions and specifications of buzzybuy –version 1.0

2. Document conventions: IEEE standards used. Proper sub numbering system for sub topics based on the importance and priority of the matter. 3. Intended audience and reading suggestions:The expected audience of this document is the faculty in charge of software engineering lab for 6th semester Computer Science, NITK suratkal .It will be used as a reference for grading in the lab for even semester of 2006.There is no suggested reading to be done before going through the document. 4. Product scope: is designed to run on both any modern platform with GUI. It is assumed that the back end that will be used for implementation is MySQL and the front end that will be used is PHP. 5. References:

1. The applicable IEEE standards are published in “IEEE standards collection”, 2001 edition. 2. Software Engineering, A Practitioner’s approach, 6th edition. By Roger S Pressman. McGraw hill international.

2. Overall description
1. Product perspective:This is proposed to be an enhanced model of the present day existing shopping and auctioning portals. Many flaws in the present online shopping portals haven’t been able to exploit the full potential of e-commerce market. The Software Requirements Specifications intends to identify the flaws in the current existing system and propose an alternative or a solution to them. 2. Product Functions:

• It consists of two modules
1. Customer module
2. Administrator module
• A customer should have a user account for carrying out transactions. • Transactions include buying, selling and auctioning. • Administrator provides the customer with an account following proper registration procedures to prevent malpractices in the transactions. • Any visitor is allowed to browse through the product list,...
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