Software Release Management Handbook

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SAP Change Request Management
_________________________________________________________________________________ Handbook Document
SAP Business Team

Update history
Version| Date| Prepared by| Reason for update|
| | | |
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0.1| 2010-12-06| Claudio Di Salvo| Basic Doc|

Version| Date| Approved by| Signature|
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Abbreviation used

Short Term| Description|
SolMan| Solution Manager|
ChaRM| Change Request Management Workflows in SAP SolMan| DEV| Development Server|
QAS| Quality Server|
Pre-PRD| Pre Production Server|
PRD| Production Server|

IATA’s SAP Solution Landscape *

1 | ECC Landscape (DEV, QAS, Pre-PRD, PRD )|
2| BW Landscape (DEV, QAS, Pre-PRD ,PRD)|
3| PI Landscape (DEV, QAS, Pre-PRD ,PRD, )|
4| EP Landscape (DEV, QAS, Pre-PRD ,PRD,)|
(*) SAP BPC Not yet integrated in SAP Netweaver, no ChaRM available Table of contents

Characteristics of a SAP Change Request Management Process5
2Driving factors for Software Release Management5
The importance of Planning Projects & Maintenance6
Working with Parallel Projects: Risk of Objects conflicts and dependencies7
Parallel Projects Best Practises8
Advantages of Managing Software Releases8
Release Management Calendar9
3SAP Solution Manager for Operations10
4Projects in SAP Solution Manager11
4.1Projects phases and lifecycle13
4.2Implementation/Upgrade Projects15
4.3Maintenance Projects15
4.4Transactions in Change Request Management16
4.4.1Change Request17
4.4.2Change Document18
4.4.3Normal Correction / Development18
4.4.4Urgent Correction21
4.4.5Administration Message22
4.4.6Test Message22
5Change Process in IATA23
5.1 SAP System Change Request approval process23
5.3 Change Meeting and schedule24
5.4 Agenda of the Change Meeting25
5.5 Project & Maintenance Cycle Phases vs. SAP Landscape26
5.6 SAP ECC Landscape & Client Concept26
5.7 SAP Risk-based Test Management27
6SAP Change Request Management How-to’s28
6.1Creating a Normal Correction28
6.2Change Request Approval from Change Manager29
6.3Change Phase of the Maintenance Cycle as Developer or Team Lead35
6.5Change Request implemented as Developer or Team Lead38
6.6Change Phase of the Maintenance Cycle as Release Manager or Team Lead44
6.7Change Request Release in Quality as Developer or Team Lead46
6.8Change Request Import in Quality as Basis Team member or 3rd Party Operator52
6.9Declare Development Complete for Testing56
6.10Change Phase of a Maintenance cycle as a Team Leader or Developer57
6.11Testing in Quality system as Tester, End User or other peer reviewer59
6.12Change Phase of Maintenance cycle as a Team Lead or Release Manager60
6.13Change Phase of Maintenance cycle as Release Manager61
6.14Change Request Import in Production as Basis Team63
6.15Approve/Confirm changes for Production as a Team Lead67
6.16Change Phase of a Maintenance Cycle as a Team Lead or Release Manager69

The goal of a Change Request Management process is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all SAP application changes, whether they are in the context of a project or simple application maintenance, therefore to improve day-to-day operations in SAP Business Team

* Characteristics of a SAP Change Request Management Process

1. Keeping transparency of all software changes.

2. Full documentation of each change: each change in a SAP system has a link to a Change Request and a Service Desk incident....
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