Software Project Management

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Software/IT Project Management

Software/IT project management is the art and science of planning and leading software projects. It encompasses knowledge, techniques and tools necessary to manage the development of software products. It is a sub-discipline of project management in which software projects are planned, monitored and controlled. Every software project must have a manager who leads the development team and is the interface with the initiators, suppliers and senior management. The objective of every project manager is to deliver the product on time, within budget and with the required quality. Although the precise responsibilities of a project manager will vary from company to company and from project to project, they should always include planning and forecasting. The major activities in software project management can be segregated under the following heads – * Project Planning: Developing a realistic project plan is essential to gain an understanding of the resources required, and how these should be applied. Some of the plans which need to be formulated include software development plan, quality assurance plan, validation plan, staff development plan, etc. * Project Scheduling: Formulating an effective estimate of project development is very critical for timely project delivery and hence Project Scheduling forms a very significant part of project management. * Risk Management: Preparing a risk management plan encompassing all possible risks such as resource crunch, natural disasters, site isolation, etc along with their respective disaster recovery plans. * People Management: Allocating tasks to teams, appointing team leaders, segregating responsibilities, capacity planning, motivating the team and recognizing outstanding efforts also form a significant part of software project management. Further the responsibilities of a project manager resulting from the above activities can be described as follows: * interpersonal...
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