Software Piracy in the Irish Context

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Software piracy is a thing affecting most business in the world today and it seems evident that even though businesses improve and make it much harder for these criminals to copy their products it’s only a matter of time before they usually find a way to replicate the products therefore making software piracy all but impossible to stop. According to the Oxford Dictionary software piracy is the unauthorised use or reproduction of another’s work. So basically software piracy in the 21st century according to my interpretation is the illegal copying of a licensed software for sale or other illegal activities such as distribution etc.

Executive Summary
While they are numerous laws in Ireland and other countries forbidding the illegal copies of licensed software these action are still not enough to combat this billion dollar piracy industry which is growing continuously due to the minimal risks perceived by the culprits. In this research paper I will look at the effects of software piracy and the whole subject as a whole paying particular attention to the definition, effects and key ways to minimise it.

Types of software piracy
There different types of software counterfeiting that must people are not aware off and do unintentionally such as: 1. CD-R Piracy- this is when software is copied using CD-R technology and distributes it to friends or resale, this is very common with music albums. The difference with this and counterfeiting is that the person is not trying to pass the copy as a original copy and a lot of work is not put into the end product such as labelling and documentation.

2. Softlifting-
When a software program is copied using CD-R recording technology (CR-R technology is a recordable disk medium that is typically used to "burn" copies of music and movies and often has serial numbering on the plastic inner ring of the CD). This form of piracy occurs when an individual makes a copy of a software program and re-distributes it to friends or for resale. Although there is some overlap between CD-R piracy and counterfeiting, with CD-R piracy there may be no attempt to try to pass off the illegal copy as a legitimate copy (CD-R copies may have hand-written labels and no documentation at all). With CD recording equipment becoming relatively inexpensive, this new form of end-user piracy is plaguing the software industry. FileMaker software is always manufactured on CD-ROM media, not CD-R media.

When unauthorized copies of software are duplicated and sold as “legitimate copies” produced or authorized by the legal publisher. Typically the counterfeiter will use FileMaker logos and trademarks to make the product look like legitimate FileMaker software; however, some counterfeiters simply copy the product on disks without any silkscreen, sometimes handwriting the name of the product right on the disk and placing the disk in a plastic jewel case without any retail packaging.

2.CD-R piracy

When an individual purchases a single licensed copy of a software program and loads it on several machines, usually in violation of the terms of the license agreement. Typical examples of softlifting include "sharing" software with friends and co-workers or installing software on home/laptop computers that are not allowed by the license. Softlifting is the most prevalent type of software piracy—and one of the easiest to catch.

4.Unrestricted client access
When an individual copies a software program onto an organization's servers and the organization's network "clients" are allowed to freely access the software in violation of the terms of the license agreement. This is a violation when the organization has a "single instance" license that permits installation of the software onto a single computer, rather than a...
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