Software Native Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web Apps

Topics: IPhone OS, Web browser, IPhone Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: July 25, 2011
A large and rising sector of today’s software market remains to be the development of applications for mobile devices, specifically cellular phones. But why have companies focused on developing detailed native applications running on the phone’s operating system instead of streamlining their already existing websites, which have taken years to optimize? There are pros and cons for each of these engineering practices, but the market definitively leans towards creating brand new applications for new platforms. When our team began our current project dealing with taking an already existing Windows application and converting it into a mobile application, we really did not know where to begin. At first we researched many different technologies, platforms, devices, and programming languages, searching for the fastest and most compatible solution. The first decision our team made was to use the up and coming HTML5 along with JavaScript to develop a web application. The reason for this was simple, it just needs to be developed once, and then possibly optimized for different platforms albeit iPhone or Android. The application could then theoretically be used on any device with a web browser without any seams. While this was working out well for us in the beginning, dealing with the newest and most advanced technology for the web, we ran into many circles. Because HTML5 was recently released there is not much documentation or information available that was of use to us. Any bugs that I personally encountered took serious time to fix, and most of the time still was half functional. Also, HTML5 is only being used in Apple’s Safari web browser, and has yet to be supported in public releases for the other popular browsers. For instance, I was in charge of administering the client side local storage database. I found that there is little information on this topic on the Internet, which made it difficult to get advanced. The next snag in the development was the concept of...
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