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Version 1.0
Oct - 2005

Prepared by,
Upendrah P.

As many have requested a guide for freshers, I prepared this guide. Hope these will be very useful to you. This is the first version. More such useful versions can be expected in the future which will be mailed to the group[software_jobs]. Thank U. Feedbacks are welcome:

Join us by sending a blank mail to Or visit: and click the link ”Join the group” in the webpage.

(Send an empty mail to to receive job opening mails and recent papers)

1.General faq3

1.1How is the IT field?3
1.2 Some of the easy ways to get call from the mnc’s3 1.3How do we apply?3
1.4How do we subscribe to receive yahoo group mails?4
1.5How do we prepare resume?4
1.6Where do we get company model question papers?4
1.7What are the books we have to prepare before we go for test/ interview?4

2.Company test patterns5

2.1How to prepare for Infosys?5
2.2How to prepare for TCS?5

3.Useful websites and Yahoogroups6

3.1Freshers job information6
3.2Company question papers7
3.3Interview prepartion8

4.About "software_jobs" group8

5.Interview Tips8

5.1Common interview questions8
5.2Job Interviewing Do's and Don'ts12

6.Other sites15

6.1 Puzzle sites15
6.2Technical document sites15

7.Do fight with job hunting16

8.Motivating phrases17

9.About version 1.017

1. General faq

1 1.1 How is the IT field?

""Market is good or bad, we should get a good job"", we are in need of a good job. Always fresher should keep this mentality. Market is really very good. Infosys alone recruits around 15,000. NASSCOM estimates that by 2010 the demand exceeds the supply. We need not worry about market status. Keep on trying till you get a good job. Do fight with your job hunting. Surely you will win.

2 1.2 Some of the easy ways to get call from the mnc’s

There are some Yahoo Groups which provide fresher job vacancies and also about the latest trends and scope for the fresher in IT Field. Here are some of the groups which provide fresher information. software_jobs (, nestjobs (, chetana( If possible please create a new id so that u can get just about job information and also use the same id when you participate in job forums which are conducted online nowadays. One more point, Every Wednesday, follow "Economic Times or Times of India"(Bangalore openings) and "The Hindu"(Chennai openings) without fail.  There you can find more opportunities. Try to get past one year Economic Times and Hindu papers from library. Collect all the jobs related ids. (Including experience also) Apply to all the ids. You will be regularly getting interview calls from companies. Please refer to the section “USEFUL WEBSITES and Yahoogroups for freshers job info” below for useful websites and groups.

3 1.3 How do we apply?

If you get any openings specific to your skill set, follow as indicted in the advertisement.

If you are applying for multiple companies, without advertisements or for positions not specific to your skill sets, 1. Prepare a generalized cover letter, ascii format resume(plain text format resume) and Word format resume 2. Paste your covering letter followed by the plaintext resume in the compose box of your mail 3. Attach your word format resume.

4. Subject should be like, “Resume for Software Engineer (C, C++, JAVA and VC++)” 5. Type your id in “TO’ field and bulk of...
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