Software Engineering

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Name of the Proponents: PRONACIJOHNVIC MADRIA SurnameFirst NameMiddle Name
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Course: Diploma in Software EngineeringDate: January 25, 2013

1. 0Proposed Capstone Title:

Online Grades and Syllabus Monitoring for CIIT College of Arts and Technology (SIS)

2.0Area of Investigation:

2.1 Field of Investigation

PHP Web Programming
MS SQL Server

2.2 Brief description of the agency or organization

CIIT College of Arts and Technology (formerly Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology) is a proud member of the Cosmopoint Education Group (CEG) based in Malaysia. The company specializes in dynamic ICT-based courses, professional workshops and corporate trainings.

In 2008, CIIT opened its latest branch in the ICT capital of the Philippines - Quezon City –The Company aims to bring the top notch ICT education to the Filipino people and to promote strengthen the quality of ICT education. CIIT offers courses in Graphics Design, Multimedia Arts, Software Engineering, Network Design and the latest courses in 3D Animation and Game Development.

Their mission is to be a premier provider of affordable, world-class quality ICT education in the Philippines that are always industry relevant and up-to-date. To build a dynamic and constantly growing organization dedicated in bringing this education where it is needed and to produce graduates that will be globally recognized as highly competent practitioners in their respective fields.

3.0Reason for choice of study:

For almost five years, the said organization is still developing its name in the field of...
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