Software Engineering

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Assumptions provide presumed real world facts that systems are guaranteed to operate correctly. Although software processes have existed for many years now, domain knowledge should be applied throughout every phase of the software development process. An appreciation of the assumptions underlying software engineering can lead to a better understanding of the applicability of structure and quality of work produced. Software plays an important role in business decision-making, and because of its growing importance, assumptions should not be excluded. Its seems increasingly clear that unorganized structures can be a problem in software requirements. What determines whether these problems are important in our decision-making? In business sense, we should focus more on improving the quality of decisions by linking problem solving and decision-making. This paper examines major assumptions in the real world and how they affect decision-making in environmental behavior. This paper also identifies limitations that may arise from these assumptions and how the implementation approach is incorporated in the software development of architecture and tools. In addition, I will explain where we are headed in Software Engineering.

We make various assumptions is software requirements and specification. They can either weaken or strengthen the achieved goal. Characteristics of requirements should be clear, complete and consistent. Clear requirements must be understood and specific so we know we are getting what we ask for. These assumptions are about the process itself, its behavior and how software development will operates in the environment. Many questions arise such as, “How well a developer will work in order to increase productivity” or, “How many developers actually work in idealistic conditions”. The production in an environment has an important role in a developer’s career. For instance, the developing and testing phase should be placed...
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