“Software Development Plan” Template Analysis

Topics: Waterfall model, Software development process, Systems Development Life Cycle Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: June 19, 2011
“Software development plan” Template Analysis
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“Software development plan” Template Analysis
The template I selected to review is the “Software development plan” template (Microsoft, n.d.). This template describes the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a software development project. The WBS is composed of 10 level one tasks, 2 level two tasks and 74 level 3 tasks. The estimated duration of the project based on these tasks is of 95.75 working days spread throughout almost 5 months. Based on the dependencies used through that the WBS, standard finish to start (FS) format, I can conclude that the WBS describes a typical Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using the traditional Waterfall model. The Waterfall model (SearchSofwareQuality.com, 2006) is a linear and sequential design process in which work progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards, just like a waterfall. After one stage is completely finished and signed-off only then the next stage begins. The Waterfall model in a software development project is typically composed of the following stages, requirements specification, design, coding, integration, testing and debugging, installation and maintenance. Suggestion #1

Even though the Waterfall model is commonly used to manage the SDLC of software development projects, this model does not adapt well to real life scenarios. For example, a well managed software development project requires the interaction and feedback of the stakeholders (clients) in order to develop and deliver a good quality product. So, for example clients may reconsider the functionality required after reviewing a working prototype and commenting on it. In the template (Microsoft, n.d.) the task “Conduct needs analysis” occurs at task #8 and the “Develop prototype based on functional specifications” appears almost a month later in task #20. The WBS does not contemplate the involvement of the client at this stage and the possibility of...
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