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Automated Examination System

Title of the thesis: Automated Examination System
Acronym of the thesis: AES
Name of the Adviser: Melinda I. Compio
Name of the Group: D’AIM Stem
The Researchers
Regina D. Jianoran
Renzo A. Lagason
Jaime I. Compio
Mariel M. Barola


A Software Development Project
Presented to the faculty of
Mega Computer College

In partial fulfilment
Of the requirements for the
Course of Computer programming NC-IV

Barola, Mariel M.
Compio, Jaime I.
Jianoran, Regina D.
Lagason, Renzo A.

This software development project entitled an” AUTOMATED EXAMINATION SYSTEM” in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the course of Programming NC-IV. Has been examined and is recommended for acceptance for are oral examination.

Head, Academic Instructor

Accepted and approved in partial fulfilment for the course of computer programming NC-IV with a rating of

Head, Academic Instructor



“It is better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit.” -rdj


Computer technology has become an essential tool in the current human race. Computers serve as efficient data storage systems and excellent information processors. It can store, organize and manage huge amount of data. Moreover, it operates on incomparable speeds, thus saving human time and effort to a large extent. True, computers are an integral part of the lives of the people today. It said that inventions change the way people live. Computer technology is a classic example of this adage. It has indeed changed the way of living of the people all over the world.In Educational Institution; we definitely know that it is important to know all what is happening in our modern world, what we mean is high technology. However, the main problem was, there are some schools do not know how to use computer especially those isolated areas. So that, they are definitely using paper (test paper) when they are giving examinations; in the current system it took them more time to accomplish a certain task such as paper works, result of the examinations because of the slow proceeding. With this project, students will have the courage to study more and be competent, it is because they will not tired answering their exams through computer, and it is more favourable by the teacher because automatic exams will lessen their paper works. Moreover, they will learn how to use computer well. The purpose of this project is to develop a system for creating and administering examinations for High School. Ideally, the exam process will accurately mirror the student’s learning environment without hindering them. To this end, the examinations will be conducted on a computer, where the students will have access to real world development tools. Unfortunately, the Public/Private Schools must currently administer the examinations on paper because it is not practical to secure hundreds of computers at once. It is possible to secure a smaller number of terminals and administer the exam to a room full of students at a time. The entire class can be served the same exam across multiple exam sessions. However, an obvious problem with this arrangement is that students will share the knowledge about exam problems in violation of exam regulations, giving some students a tremendously unfair advantage. In addition to the issue of cheating, administering the exam in multiple sessions will also create difficulties in ensuring consistency across exam sessions. Our system addresses these obstacles by allowing examiners to generate and administer many versions of the same exam by drawing questions randomly from a large pool. The examinations...
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