Software Configuration Management

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Software Configuration Management

Section A: Multiple Choices 1) Which of the following should be considered as Configuration Items for any project: Project plan, Requirement specification, Class diagrams
Design specification, Design tools, Activity diagrams
Source Code, Test plan, test Script, Test tools, Test results All of the above

2) In check-in, check-out model, version branching and merging are represented by a structure known as Version Graph
History Graph
Structure Chart
None of the above

3) Which of the SCM related resource is available in Veloci-Q Procedures: SCM Plan
SCM Audit
Control of Documents
SCM Guidelines

4) While working with a SCM tool to edit an existing code file, you follow this sequence of activities: Check out, make modification on server side and check in
Check out, make modification on your local copy and check in Check in, make modification on your local copy and check out Check in, make modification on server side and check out

5) Standardized, measurable process for change management are inherent of SCM processes ?
SCM tools
SCM plan
None of the above

7) Version branching is used for
Independent path of development
Experimental development
Concurrent changes
All of the above

7) Using any SCM tool you can see:
Difference between two versions of binary files
Difference between two versions of ASCII files
Difference between two versions of files irrespective of their file types None of the above

8) Change Control could be triggered by:
Defects found during Testing
Requirement changes by the customer
Inconsistencies detected during development
All the above

9) __________ model focuses on supporting the evolution of systems as a series of atomic changes, and on co-ordinating the change of systems. Check-in, Check-out
Long Transaction
Change set

10) Which one of the following is a good alternative to Branching and merging Workspace
Concurrent development
None of the above

11) Software Configuration management is a CMMi Level _____ process area 2 ?

12) Configuration Management is a technique for
Overall Change Control ?
Project Plan execution
Scope Planning
Risk Quantificatiion

13) The basic requirements of a SCM system are
Planning, control, status accounting, audit ?
Planning, check-in, check-out, version
Planning, versioning, branching, merging, reports
Planning, check-in, branching, merging, tools

14) Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
A workspace can originate from a preserved configuration of another workspace A workspace can originate from a repository
A workspace originates from a bound configuration in the repository Maintaining a file system as work area is more space efficient than using a workspace

17) _________ is the process of using one base file for two or more parallel activities like customization Merging

17) _____________ ensures that the changes made by one user are available to all the other users of a file: Check-in

17) SCM benefits an organization in the areas;
Control, Management, control, quality ?
Document control
Tools usage
None of the above

18) Sharing Files is a good alternative as compared to
A & B
None of the above

19) Your project is in the User Acceptance Testing phase and the customer comes back with a new requirement. What is correct sequence of activities in handling this change request: Log the CR in the CCR, The CR is taken up by the CCB for impact analysis, PM approves the change, Change is implemented PM approves the Change, Change is implemented,CR is recorded in the CCR,CCB approves the recorded CR. CCB approves the Change, PM does Impact analysis, Change is implemented, CR is recorded in the CCR Change is recorded in the CCR, Impact...
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