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Software Review
A brief summary of several common video, audio, and photo software editing programs.

Essential Questions – Consider these questions when adding a new software tool… • What does it cost?
• What operating system does it work on?
• What’s the learning curve?
• What features do I need?
• What can it do for me?
• What media file types will it import/export?

Movie Maker 2 – 2.1, 2.6 – video editor – Free Download
Windows XP (2.1), Vista/7 (2.6)

The following types of media files are compatible with Movie Maker 2 for import: Video- asf, avi, m1v, mp2, mpv2, mpa, mpg, mpeg, wmv
Audio- aif, aifc, aiff, au, mp3, mpa, snd, wav, wma
Still & Graphic Images- asf, bmp, emf, jpg, jpeg, jfif, gif, png, tiff, wmf Movie Maker 2 is NOT compatible with .mov.
* Movie Maker is only compatible with Windows XP
* Produced movies can only be saved as wmv (movie) or wma (audio) files * Movies can not be exported as mov, rm, or any other popular media format without the assistance of a separate conversion program * Movie Maker 2 can export as an avi file

* Video Encoding programs capable of converting wmv files are scarce * Wmv files are limited in their scope of playback compatibility and are not compatible with Real Player or QuickTime Player * Wmv files must be viewed using a current version of Windows Media Player System Requirements (2.1)

* Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional

Movie Maker Live – video editor - Free Download
Windows Vista, 7

· Pros Simple interface for clip joining and trimming. Themes. Can rotate video. Easy upload to YouTube. Record movies with your webcam. · Cons Some important files silently omitted from drive-image backups. Advanced options can be confusing. No voice-overs, chroma key, or picture-in-picture.

This app isn't totally basic: You do get intros, lots of transitions, text overlays, and special...
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