Softball Then and Now

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  • Published : July 18, 2010
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Softball Then and Now
When I was nine years old, I switched schools. I went from Freeman Public School to Holy Redeemer Catholic School. This is where I was introduced to sports since my previous school didn’t offer any sports for the students. The first sport I played was basketball. I also played volleyball and softball. It was in fourth grade that I first started playing softball, and my dad found me an old ragged, leather, ball glove to start with. It was so old that the color was faded to a bland, pukey brown, and it smelled like a wet dog. I wanted to become a pitcher, so I worked hard on my stance, positioning of my arm, and learned how to hold and release the ball from my hand a certain way. My finger tips were to be placed across the stitching for me to pitch a fast ball. I also played first base because I was the tallest on our team and could stretch my legs across the bag to get the runners out. I remember our uniforms. They were the ugliest things you have ever seen. They were polyester and made you itchy and were very uncomfortable to wear, especially when it was scorching hot. Our pants were a mustard gold, our shirts burgundy with mustard gold trim, and lettering that said Holy Redeemer Flyers. I had the number twenty. I also wore an ugly gold and burgundy baseball cap, which with short hair made me look like a boy. The coaches gave nicknames to all of us, and mine was Tigger because I was such a tomboy that I reminded them of a tiger. I still play softball to this day, and I have now switched positions. I play left field and sometimes right field. I still bat around a .600 average. My new nick name now is Gazelle. I think that is because I run so fast that my legs stretch across the bases, and I have a tendency to overrun them just to score a run. My uniform is now much more comfortable than the school uniforms. I get to wear a blue sleeveless shirt with a mad faced ball on it with the words Riverfront Optical written on it in white. My pants...