Softball Essay

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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I like to play softball because it’s a very exciting, but also mentally challenging game and I’m always learning new things about the game. I like that this game is competitive, it’s great exercise, and it requires a lot of effort towards teamwork.

First, I like to play softball because it’s a very competitive sport. It’s competitive against yourself mentally, physically and of course the other team. It’s physically competitive because of the effort you have to put towards the game in drills, practice and just eating right. It’s mentally competitive because you have to build self-confidence, your team is counting on you. You have to build self-confidence and learn to play under pressure. When you have the ball in your hand, that means your under pressure. You have to believe in yourself and have that confidence that you know what your doing and you know the right play to make. Without self-confidence, you will never make it in the game of softball. It takes a lot of dedication because there is so much time involved. Overall, I believe softball is one of the most competitive sports played by the female gender.

Furthermore, playing softball is a sport I like to play because it’s great exercise. In softball you get more exercise than most people think because you are constantly moving. Whether your on the field or off the field, your still getting exercise. You get the exercise through the drills during practice, the summer training in the weight room or just out on the field during a game. The coaches are constantly having you run before and after practices and before and after games. If your with your softball team, you can count on getting exercise, no matter the time and place....
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