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Most of our educational inputs deal with Hard Skills. The education in law comprises understanding the acts of legislation and the legal case judgements. The education in medicine covers medical tests, diagnosis and prescriptions. The nursing education covers the technology and techniques of giving injections, taking blood pressure, taking blood samples for medical tests etc. However, the successful practice in each of these areas involves “Soft Skills”: The lawyer must get the confidence of his client and judges. The doctor must be able to show the empathy with the patients (This was illustrated in film “Munnabhai MBBS which showed the soft skills which required to be supplemented by the hard skills practiced by the doctors. As Peter Drucker describes: in many cases the nurses of American hospitals are so busy in taking temperature, blood pressure, blood test results and other physiological sickness indicators and charting them for the benefit of doctors that they have no time to attend to the patient and carry out their main task of providing “TLC (Tender Loving Care) which is really the secret of success in nursing.

Similarly in management various hard skills in Production (Production Planning, Production scheduling, Machine Loading etc.) Marketing (Market Research, Consumer Profile etc.,) Finance (Investment Analysis Discounted Cash-flow, etc) are emphasized and a lot of time is spent on teaching these techniques forming the hard skills. However, the success of a manager depends on the soft skills leading to Collaboration, Co-operation and Co-ordination. Teaching of Soft Skills is difficult because they are learnt by the simple but difficult process of “Talking less, listening...
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