Soft Skills

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Managing people
Micromanaging is the surest way to kill an employee's enthusiasm. To succeed, employees need to know that they're trusted and their work is valued. Micromanaging tells the employee just the opposite, and constant checks are as annoying as a fussy elementary-school teacher telling you to print your name and the date in the upper right-hand corner of every assignment. Pointing out every little mistake especially things that are a mistake only in my eyes will quickly kill incentive. Instead, try something like "Here's how to make my job easier and more better” As managers I must responsible for the finished product, but good managers quickly learn how to concentrate on outcome and leave the process to others. What's more important is delivering a solid product or service to my customers on time or how the boxes are stacked? To be a smart manager I must sets goals and lets employees perform within clearly defined parameters. Gushy praise is instantly recognized as fake and won't cut it. Thank an employee individually for his or her contribution and repeat my thanks at a staff meeting. Always use outstanding performance to jump to the larger issue: Here's how i solved the problem, or here's how I beat the competition. I can't go wrong by rewarding my top performers with more challenging assignments. Many managers fall into this trap. Top performers are inundated with routine tasks because the work will be handled quickly and well. That soon becomes a disincentive to excel. Additional pay is always appreciated, but a good working environment is more important to most employees than a few extra bucks each week. Employees need to know that their contributions are noticed, valued and part of expanding the enterprise and I must give it that. Counsel and verbal warning I must be honest, and upfront, and discuss what i seeing and how important it is to have the whole department working in “harmony”. Simply ask if there is anything wrong, or if there is something happening in the workplace that is causing what is perceived as “a person with a bad attitude who is unhappy at work.” Listen and show empathy if the conversation is headed that way. There may be some personal issues that they just need to get off of their chest. If i get a sarcastic, “Nothing wrong with me,” then i need to state that is not what i see. I must to be strong, but not attacking, and let them know that the behavior shown is not acceptable and needs to improve. Document and date this conversation as a verbal warning. This is not a written warning, but shows that i did talk to the person about difficult employee issues. The more i document, the easier it will be to terminate if it gets to that point. The biggest mistake is to not document. Documentation and building a case is the proof that shows i talk to my

What is leader
A leader is a person who has a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen. Let's look at each of those in detail. As with so many other things, the first step in growing from a manager to a leader is understand the difference. This section provides descriptions and examples of leaders and leadership for me to emulate. Now that i figured out what to do, how to do it and how to best utilize my resources to make it happen, I have to exercise the most important skill of a manager. I must to motivate the people in my organization to work toward the common goal. There are as many ways to do that as there are managers. As far as I'm concerned, however, the only really effective way is to LEAD them.

Effective Leadership Skills

Communication Skills
Good verbal and written communication skills are one of the basic management skills. If you will notice some of the good leaders, you would realize that they all had good oratory or written skills. A leader always knows what he wants to say and when he should say it. So a manager...
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