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Soft Skills That Is Important For University Students.
“Soft skills refer to the cluster of personality traits social graces, facility with language, personal habit, friendliness and optimism that mark people to verifying degrees. Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the requirement of job” (Wikipedia, 2007). Communicating, conflict management, human relations, making presentations, negotiating, team building and other such ability defined in terms of expected outcomes and not as a specific method or technique such as statistical analysis.

Soft skills have its own dimension and it is based on one`s perceptual attitude. Mostly how he or she shows interest in things around him or her and reacts to that. No premature thoughts should occupy the mind and it should be flow freely from the cognitive reactions. This is a given from God. Course on human relations and dealing effectively with subordinate’s are often included. The soft skills might include maintain eye contact when speaking with the people.

Soft skills can`t really be taught as a course on its own. One picks up leaderships qualities. Soft skills have more to do with who we are than what we know. As such, soft skills encompass the character traits that decide how well one interacts with others, and are usually a definite part of one's personality. Whereas hard skills can be learned and perfected over time, soft skills are more difficult to acquire and change.

Soft skills often relates to the abilities such as communication, team work and leadership skill. What I would typically include as parts of the soft skills package include good manners as well as a positive and pleasant disposition.

Many students, who are not aware of the importance of leadership skills in his career, would prefer to be the “followers” when getting involved in co-curricular activities both in and out of school. Some are natural leaders, some are not, and they don`t know “the how”, perhaps “lacks of confidence” to lead, or could be due to “lack of interests” in giving ideas and brainstorming activities. However, if the students must do a practical assignment that will determine his marks, that will also test his leaderships, human interaction skills, then the students will be more “alert” of the importance of “soft skills”. Soft skills can be taught and learnt as well. However, at the end of the day it is the student who decides whether he/she will practice what was preached.

The lack of soft skills in student in Malaysia is due to a combination of factors. What is more difficult is some of these factors are bigger for some students. It does start with our education system that make pitiful attempt to address the issue. What is difficult about soft skills is that it developing it work differently for different people and hence a mas-education system is ill-suited to address the worst of the problem.

Example of the soft skills that’s important for university student. There are three examples of the soft skills:
1.Communication skills
The first important soft skills is, good in communication skills. Effective of communication skills can be some of the most important skills we can learn. Communication is involvers both listening and speaking. The person in a good communication must have an open mind and idea to make people like to easy to understand. Influence a negotiating skill. Good negotiating skills are inherent these skills must be learned and practice in a verity situation. Listen carefully to the arguments and clarify the issue and also plan for the alternative outcome.

Good communication skills. Good communication skills are having effective communication and communication will certainly increase the opportunities to find in a university. The communication skills may include body language. Do not shy away from the person whom you are speaking.

Be sure to maintain a relaxed, but not slouching posture, regardless whether you are on...
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