Soda and Mentos

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Coca-Cola, Carbonated water Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Physical Science (3rd block)
Mythbusters Project

This experiment is to prove the theory that when Mentos is dropped into a bottle of soda the end result is a huge fountain spray of soda from the bottle due to a process called nucleation. Hypothesis

If I drop Mentos candy into a bottle of soda, then it will create a huge fountain splash. Materials
*Regular Mentos Candy (one), Glazed Mentos Candy (one)
*Two bottles of soda.
The constant for this experiment is the bottle of diet coke. Both Mentos candies are placed in separate diet coke bottles and the reactions observed. The dependent and independent variables of this experiment are the regular Mentos and glazed Mentos candies. Constant for this experiment is one regular Mentos dropped into soda water.

When the regular Mentos candy was dropped into the soda water, it created a big splash after a few seconds of being dropped in. On the other hand, the glazed Mentos when dropped into the soda water had little or no effect on it and definitely didn’t start a splash. Analysis

The regular Mentos mint has its surface covered with microscopic pits which provide a place where carbon dioxide bubbles can form and escape, therefore when dropped in the soda water CO2 bubbles are formed on each pit and gradually escape creating the big splash. The glazed Mentos on the other hand has little or no pits at all so therefore the nucleation process can’t take place hence the failure to produce the big splash.

When the regular Mentos mint was put into the soda water nucleation took place on the surface of the Mentos leading to a big splash. This definitely supports my hypothesis.
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