Socrates On the Unexamined Mind

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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James Perkins
Liberty University (Philosophy) “Unexamined Life is not worth Living”

Socrates believed that people do not think for themselves he also believe that if an individual cannot “think” that person is not open for others to question his/hers thoughts. The outcome of this dilemma in Socrates mind is “life is not worth living”. According to our presentational lectures “Philosophy” is a critical examination of our thoughts “Critical thinking”. If we cannot think our way through life, then life has no meaning, and it is not worth living. I believe Socrates quote is true, what purpose are we pursuing in life? If any at all, Socrates carefully chooses the word “unexamined” our lecture teaches us that philosophy is a critical examination of our basic beliefs concerning reality. In my opinion reality is life; therefore we must ask ourselves the question, what is life? Speaking from a philosophical point of view, I believe life has no meaning, if we do not know who we are or what our purpose in life is.

In our culture today many people want to exclude their past and forget what they have gone through in life. I believe as Socrates did in his time, to examine your past and the outcome of your future will lie before you. Again, I strongly believe Socrates famous quote is true, not only is it true, this quote has “step on the toes” of many people for many years. Why? In our current culture today we the people have issues on just using basic common sense. I believe common sense is a gift from God, therefore it is a natural gift.
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