Socrates on Living a Good Life in Regards to His Daimon

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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The quest for a good life and happiness has presumably always been central to human beings. Many have taken different approaches to reach this well-desired goal, and among these many is Socrates. Socrates believed that the key to living a good life is through the soul, and not through material objects or reputations. He also thoroughly believed in a daimon and insisted this voice was a higher source of inspiration that deterred him from certain acts and gave him advice. Many of his characteristics for living a good life are a product of his daimon and its guiding information. Socrates takes a non-traditional approach to living a good life through his ethical and conscientious values. His tactics for living a good life are most definitely applicable to life today. In terms of a daimon, it is certain that if one were to repeatedly make the wrong decisions, the daimon would be silenced.

Throughout the Apology, Socrates insisted that the way he was living his life was the true way to live. He focused that the maintenance of the soul was the key to achieving and maintaining a life worth living. One of the main characteristics he stated can be simplified to just doing the right thing. Socrates further declared his point when he explained that one should do the right act regardless of the circumstances. During his trial, when asked if he was ashamed of valuing the right thing now that his life is at stake, he began to defend his beliefs. He responded, “if you supposed that a man who is even a little benefit should take into account the danger of living or dying, not rather consider this alone whenever he acts: whether his actions are just or unjust” (28b). This is explaining that the consequences of an act are truly irrelevant when it is the right thing to do. Socrates ultimately believed that an expert in living well does not easily get confused in situations they encounter, they have a set mind on what they feel is right and should not let fear deter that in any...
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