Socrates Diner Party Speech

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  • Published : December 5, 2007
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In Plato's Symposium, a dinner party was held with the discussion of love as the focus. Everyone who attended the party gave a speech, an ode to Love. Socrates spoke last, alleging his speech was a reiteration of what Diotima had once told him. Diotima, a priestess, whom Socrates allegedly met in the past, told him of the secrets of love. Another attendee of the party, Alcibiades, was asked to make a eulogy for love as well, but instead, talked about the nature of Socrates. The nature of love, from what Alcibiades said, and the nature of Socrates turned out to be almost identical. In Plato's Symposium, Socrates represents the quintessence of love itself. Love, the spirit, was said to be the son of Plenty and Poverty. One parent a complete opposite of the other, came together to form the middle, Love. Love took after his mother, Poverty, with the characteristic of a constant need. However, he also had characteristics from his father, Plenty. Love was said to enjoy chasing things of beauty and value, and was filled with courage, spontaneity, and energy. He had a desire for knowledge, and was resourceful. Socrates saw love and beauty in constant pursuit of the other, which is the greatest of all knowledge. Love is a driving force toward a desired want. Like humans are drawn to food, for energy and strength, we are also attracted to beauty by love. Love is an emotion, and like all emotions, humans are bound to an action by it. Anger might take us to violence; Love leads us to admire that which is beautiful. Love has many forms as well. There is physical love, the attraction and appreciation of something for its physical characteristics. This is both love for another person's physical beauty and to other physical forms, such as a beautiful sunset or some sort of picture-perfect scenery. All these things represent a part of beauty, they are beautiful, and as a result provoke love in the minds of those who observe them. Emotions add to another form of love. This is...
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