Socrates Apology

Topics: Corruption, Political corruption, Accusation Pages: 3 (1192 words) Published: May 12, 2008
In Socrates’ apology, he defends himself against all three accusations that have been put in front of him in the court of law; as he stands there accused, attempting to convince the jury of his innocence, Socrates uses his more than capable abilities to explain, step by step, that his is not guilty of any of these charges. In my opinion, Socrates accurately explains to the jury that he is not only innocent of these charges but a victim of his accuser for even bringing him into court. One of Socrates’ arguments is against his accusation about how he corrupts the young. The public feels as though Socrates, through his wisdom of things that are far past any normal mans wisdom at the time, has corrupted the young. Socrates first starts his defense against his accusation of corrupting te young by saying to the jury, “If one asks them [the people that accuse him of corrupting the young] what he [Socrates] does and what he teaches to corrupt them, they are silent, as they do not know, but so as not to appear at a loss, they mention those accusations that are available against all philosophers, about ‘things in the sky and things below the earth’ about ‘not believing in the gods’ and ‘making the worse the stronger argument.” This statement basically says that the citizens just hold a grudge against Socrates and so instead of finding real evidence against him they just use the easy way out and accuse him of typical charges a philosopher is accused of when in fact they don’t even know what he does wrong. Socrates then defends himself by not looking at corrupting the young but improving them. He asks the Meletus, his accuser, “Come then, tell these men [the jury] who improves them [the young].” After asking Meletus this he becomes silent. After a few seconds Meletus responds by saying, “the laws” but this is not the answer Socrates was looking for. He was looking for a name of a person. After Socrates gets Meletus to admit that he feels as though everyone in Athens...
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