Sock Phobia

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Sock Phobia
In today’s society there are many people dealing and trying to overcome different types of psychological problems, such as depression, anger, drugs, and phobia. A phobia is characterized by an irrational fear of a specific object or situation that interferes with an individual’s ability to function. Having a fear of a specific object can cause a person to have issues thought out there life with different things or they may just be able to avoid the issue all together. One phobia is the fear of cotton (cotton balls, Q-tips, anything that fells like cotton balls) my other is I must always have socks on my feet unless I’m in the shower or swimming or have flip flops on. If I’m wearing flip flops then I’ll have a pair of socks in my bag to put on in case I take my flip flops off. Over the years this sock phobia has developed for a number of things that I was told and had happen.

Most of my family is diabetic, over the years I’ve all ways been told to make sure nothing sharp is dropped on the floor, if it gets stuck in a diabetic’s foot they may not feel it and this can lead to an infection. My dad always has worn socks as a little more protection in case he steps on something. I’m a daddy’s girl and follow his lead. I’ve also had my foot cut open when I was a little girl playing outside with no socks on.

Another reason that this phobia has developed over the years is the fact that I cannot stand the way my feet look. For a long time I would never wear anything but tennis shoes, my big toe on my right foot was not straight it was always bent. I also don’t like that my feet are so dry. I always think that people are looking at my feet and saying to themself “wow look at her dry feet.” When really there just like everyone else feet. After some time I started wearing flip flops so my toe is no long bent.

The finale reason for my phobia is that I cannot stand the fell of carpet or anything else touching my feet. Carpet to me feels like cotton. Also...
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