Sociology the Pedagogy of the Opressed

Topics: Oppression, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The Pedagogy of the Oppressed ... Chapter 1 Reaction.
The Pedagogy of the Opressed, written by Paulo Freire, is based on the society we live in. In chapter one, Paulo Freire discusses the two groups in society, the haves who are the oppressors, and the have not’s, who are the oppressed. Freire explains how society is a constant cycle of oppressing and being oppressed. The oppressors dominate by use of their power, to gain what they please. Money is their primary goal and concern, to them it controls all. They believe they need to always have more than what is necessary because they can, without thinking about others, who fall victim to their wants, who are oppressed and have little to nothing at all.

Every materialistic item in a society is due to oppressing and oppression. For every item made there is a want for it, as a result for this want, someone has to make these wants possible. Often many times people oppress others without knowing it. Simple items such as shoes, and clothes, basic necessities are ways of oppressing others. Everyone needs these items, but fail to recognize that somewhere someone is working in horrible conditions to make these, because these items are so common we fail to think about where these items are coming from and whos making them. Throughout history, humanization has always been a central problem. This then leads to a concern of dehumanization. Both these ideas, are very possible and are acknowledged by injustice, exploitation, and oppression, and violence by oppressors. Dehumanization affects many, preventing them from becoming more human due to struggle and hopelessness. The constant strive for humanization, emancipation of labor, and others is meaningless because violence within the oppressors dehumanizes the oppressed. In order for this change the oppressed must not turn into the oppressors but reinstate humanity in both.

Schooling and education is another main focus in this chapter. Critical...
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