Sociology : the Nuclear Family, Social Class, and Poverty

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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1)Discuss family (chapter 12) in America as a changing institution. Contrast the American nuclear family with that of another culture. What are the strong and weak aspects of American families today? What is the significance of romantic love in modern societies?

Blood, marriage, or adoption are all ties that can make up what we call a family in todays society. However as our world changes day by day, month by month, and year by year what we would call a “nuclear family” (husband, wife, and children) is not so common in present times as it was in the past. This also is the same for growing up in the household or being the child of your two parents. In todays world there are a number of single parent mothers and fathers who have children with others who are not there married spouses. In the past this was less of a family aspect that occurred. In reference to the textbook (Henslin, 339) in married couples 75 percent of the time the child or children is cared for by someone else other then the mother and the father. Within single mothers 87 percent of the time the child or children is cared for by someone else other then the mother or father. In the past families were different. The mother usually stayed home and cared for the kids while the father was working. In todays world as you can see by the numbers this has drastically changed. american families are not closely knit or unified. The husband takes a social role in which he is obligated to feel different. This is why there are so many separations between married couples. americans change partners because america believes in romance. In america, 62 percent of marriages the bride is already pregnant and the relationship is based on newness. Most women marry to have children and get out of the house. When americans marry, they marry in there own social class, income level, racial category, etc. However the on the contrary with another cultures family it is quite different. Take Asian american families for...
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