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  • Published : January 23, 2012
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Study Guide – Final Exam

The Power Elite: made up of 3 types (
POLITICAL (president, politician, executive branches)
MILITARY (general)
CORPORATE (CEO, executives)
these 3 form a triangle, and its not the person, its their access to their institution. -power elite shape our social life. They shape it by decisions that are made.

Deindustrialization: not about industry, we don’t make things any more like we use to. Manufacturing has taken place. Decline in how important manufacturing industry in the economy of a nation. To cause an area to be deprived of industrial capability or strength. opposite of industrialization ( process of economic change that transforms a human group from an agrarian society into an industrial one.

Contingent work: temporary work, part time, lack of a contract for their work. (no benefits, sporadic wages) ( NON STANDARD WORK ARRANGEMENTS.

Non-Wage benefits: healthcare, stock options, paid vacation times, maternity leave, workers compensation, retirement money, pensions. Different societies give diff. EUROPE > United States

Division of Labor: groups doing different economic activities. division of labor( gendered jobs, and social class.
division of labor ( racial, racial groups in different jobs.

Dual Labor Markets: the economy is divided into 2 parts.

The Primary Labor Market: offers jobs at high wages, offers benefits, and stability. Good working conditions, job protection, due process (established rules, fairly administrated-works are treated by rules/process)

The Secondary Labor Market: low wages, little advancement, low benefits, no high rates, no protection, no stability (jobs in domestic, restaurants, people of color get these usually)

Work/Family Conflict: work becomes home and home becomes work; people feeling more appreciated at work than home.

Taylor’s Theory of Scientific Management: page 499.
Taylorist world view- the manager’s job is to force the worker’s mind and body, not to appeal to the...
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