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Topics: Poverty, Poverty in the United States, United States Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: May 18, 2012

What are the six myths about the poor and what is the data to refute them? Are there any other myths that you may know, if so discuss.

In today's society, we live where income is important, it can put you in contact with the "right people" and put you in the "right places." America is a capitalist country so money will always be a huge vantage point, and because of this it causes society to look down on the less fortunate and these who are called poor or workin poor. In our sociology book in Chapter eight of page 145; the six myths mentioned are: Myth 1 "The poor are lazy and refuse to work"; Myth 2 "The poor live in inner-cities"; Myth 3 "Most minorities are poor"; Myth 4 "Many poor are single moms"; Myth 5 " Most poor ate older Americans" and Myth 6 " The poor get special advantages."Also some myths have been discussed are the poor tend to be irresponsible and many receive government assistance.

I will begin discussing the six myths again; myth 1 is far fetched, poor people are lazy. Many poor people are working at least one job even if it's a part time job; however, many work 40 hours a week and the jobs are usually manual labor. I can relate to this personally, that is why I am in school now; hopefully to change my job, also many of the jobs are on the low wage scale. Myth 2, the poor live in inner cities; however, much of the poverty rates occur in inner-cities but only 23% live there. Much of the poor are beginning to live in rural areas and the suburbs because of the economy has effected so many. ( Myth 3, many of the poor are minorities such as blacks and hispanics; it is stated that 43% are white( Myth 4, many are poor single mothers and their children. However, many are living in poverty but in the terms of household numbers the two adult household makes up 40% so its pretty close. ( Myth 5, the poor are older Americans, in fact, many of older Americans receive pensions or...
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