Sociology Paper - Crash

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, Racism Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Loren Wilkinson – 4/7/2011
Crash Essay Project

In the film “Crash”, there were repeated examples of prejudice and discrimination displayed by a variety of characters. While considering the film in concepts set out in our assigned reading of chapter 11 - Race and Ethnicity (Macionis, 304-333) several areas we had covered were clearly evident. I decided to focus on the prejudice and discrimination displayed toward blacks and Hispanics in the film. The first example that struck me was the common theme of stereotyping based on race and ethnicity. The first example from the film that conveyed stereotyping to me was the conversation of the two black car thieves as they walked out of the restaurant and down the street. One of the thieves is complaining about the service they received in the restaurant when the other points out that their server was black. The first thief counters with the argument that their server knew black men did not tip well and therefore paid less attention to them which is an example of the Scapegoat theory (Macionis, 312). He also said he had not left a tip, there by perpetuating the stereotype that black men don’t tip. An example of the scapegoat theory occurred in another conversation between the two thieves. The thieves were driving the SUV they had stolen and one tuned the radio to rap music. The other began to complain that he should not be listening to rap music as it was created to keep the black man down, in effect blaming blacks for helping keep themselves down. Discrimination and racism toward blacks and Hispanics was evident throughout the film. In the scene where Sandra Bullock was in her home after being carjacked, she showed repeated instances of prejudice based on race and ethnicity. Bullock observed the Hispanic locksmith changing the locks on her home and told her husband she wanted the locks changed again the next day. She then told him to tell the lock company not to send a Hispanic with gang tattoos...
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