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Date: Feb 2nd 2013

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America Banned from Cars

Intro to Sociology 1301

April Harding

The invention of motor vehicles and the development of the automotive industry in the 20th century has led to the development of the concept of auto mobility. Cars have become a part of our life and has become difficult to live without them. For most Americans it has changed their life immensely and most wouldn't know what to do if tomorrow all cars were banned. However even with all the advances and pro's that the car has given to us it has been noted that they have been the main cause of air pollution from the emission of green house gases after the burning of fossil fuels. In a sense the development of cars has now threatened the climate change of the world. The use of electric cars can help our climate greatly while still providing us with what we need, but there is always a con to something that has so many pro's. Even if we all transitioned to electric there is still the issue of more partnerships between car makers, battery manufacturers, utilities, banks, and governments at all scales. It has been said that the world's auto makers introduced at least 120 hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electronic models into the market in 2012. Banning cars may be a simple idea but it may end up being so difficult for Americans to adopt. Being born into the mobile culture, Americans have become so attached to their cars that it would take them a lot of efforts to adapt to living without cars. The adjustments that we would be forced to make in order to function is huge. Before the 1920's, there were not cars and people still moved about their daily lives just fine. If I have to live in an “automobile-free” society, I would start adapting to the change by learning to take a bicycle to where I need to go if it was short distances other wise I would use the train or...
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