Sociology of Sports

Topics: American football, National Football League, Super Bowl Pages: 6 (2207 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Sociology of Sports
Charles Howard
Colorado Technical University Online

I believe the most useful way to look at sports is to look at it from a Functionalist View and an Interactionist View. I grew up playing sports my whole life. I played organized sports since I was in 6th grade all the way through my senior year of high school. I believe that sports bring young people together in competition which is also a value lesson in life. The lesson the competition brings is that some people win in life and some people lose in life. With sports you eventually taste defeat and don’t want that taste again so you thrive to be a winner in life. I agree that sports help to maintain people’s physical well-being. By playing sports people get in great shape and don’t become fat and lazy. When you become fat and lazy your physical well-being tends to decline because you don’t feel like doing anything strenuous. Then by becoming fat and lazy your organs start to shut down slowly. Then the individual will start to get diabetes and other health concerns that will eventually lead to death. I do believe sports bring people together to bring a sense of pride to the group. I tend to watch the Olympics every time there is an event on TV. I always root for team USA and cheer them on and when I go to work the next day that’s wall we talk about. From the Interactionsit View sports do heighten parent-child involvement. I noticed my parents were more proud of me doing well in sports than getting an A on a test. They would acknowledge my good grade but when I told them I got a 99 yard touchdown they seemed more excited over that. People make a lot of friends while playing sports. They tend to build a friendship network because you grow up and compete against these people throughout you high school sports career. I believe these 2 views best represent sports way more than the Conflict View and the Feminist View. I selected football because it’s one of my favorite sports to play and to watch. I played football in high school and loved every minute of it. I feel like I have a better connection with football fans than fan of any other sport. The history of football is a pretty amazing story. Football before the 19th century was any game involving a ball that was played on foot. Football back before the 19th century consisted of games where hands were involved and other games forbidding the use of hands. There’s a legend that an Englishman was playing football where the use of hands were forbidden. The Englishman grew tired of the rule and picked up the ball and ran with it .The other players tackled him to enforce the rule and they enjoyed tackling each other; thus football was born. (Saperecom, 2012)

The sociodemographic of football fans are usually white males. According to Scarborough Research on football fans finds that 83% of the fans are white, 11% are Black/African American, 2% are of Asian descent and 3% is other races.(Street and Smith’s, 2006) One thing I noticed is each fan is super loyal to his or her team. They will cheer on their team and talk smack to the other fans team. Football fans take pride in the sport and in their team. Players who play football went to college at some point in their career and are somewhat educated players. Football is mostly played by African Americans and whites but I’ve noticed the sport gaining other races into the sport.

Football can be played on both an amateur level and a professional level. When most people think of football they think of the National Football League which is where all the top pros go to play football. There is a Canadian league and a European league which is where players who aren’t drafted or have fallen under the radar end up playing. Football is also played on the amateur side when children play Pop Warner football and also high school football. A football players status goes up in the collegiate level to a semi pro status...
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