Sociology of Food Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Eating, Food Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: October 29, 2012
I had never actually given thought to what I ate, who I ate with, and where I ate, till now. I understood that eating was a need henceforth not thought about. The food log assignment has actually open the topic of eating and allowed me to have a different perspective of my eating habits. Food is a form of survival. However it also bring about with it; habits, rituals, and characteristics to its consumers. Before reading Belasco I took eating for granted. I now have begun to see how much food actually does affect our past, present, and our future. The theory of the Food Triangle that Belasco discusses in his book tries to simplify this phenomenon of “food.” Although simple in form the triangle holds a great weight in meaning. The realization that came to me while reading the chapters and also viewing the hunger planet photo essay, is that I am more a part of the convenience corner of the food triangle. I think this is because of the American culture that I have grown up in. I state this because of the common ideal that “time is money” which is persistent in our culture. By writing the food log I saw that I seem to always be eating on the go. Whether I stop to get drive thru McDonalds or bring my food with me I am constantly eating alone. This is convenient for me since I have school, work, and a family to balance and eating on the go allows me handle all my responsibilities as a student, an employee, as well as a mother. This may show that we are moving away from the trend of sitting down for meals or even making food part of a social event. The triangle however allows a person or a group to be a part of any combination of the three corners of the triangle which include the responsibility and identity corner as well as the convenience corner. For example for myself I may say I am part of the convenience corner but when it comes to feeding my children I definitely partake in the other two corners. When my schedule allows me to cook for my children the cooking...
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