Sociology Multiple Choice

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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1. Crime are usually classified as
(a) Index crimes
(b) Personal crimes
(c) Property crimes
(d) All of the above
2. What are some characteristics of white collar crime
(a) Tends to be made up of complex, sophisticated and relatively technical actions (b) When legitimate or conventional avenues make the attainment of a goal difficult or impossible 3. Why is white collar crime so much more lucrative than ordinary burglaries, robberies and larcenies? (a) White collar criminals steal by manipulating symbols, which means that they can steal money they do not even have to pick up and carry away. (b) White collar crime is not a one shot deal. It is made up of a member of interrelated actions that extend over a period of time. (c) Evidence indicating that such crimes have taken place is not as clear cut as with street crimes. (d) All of the above

4. Various forms of white collar crimes maybe identified in the Caribbean. These include: (a) Fraud
(b) Money laundering and tax evasion
(c) Embezzlement and bribery
(d) All of the above
5. Criminal activity is more prevalent among younger people than among order people in most societies. The reason for such trends include : (a) Young people are more likely to be unemployed in low wage jobs (b) Young people are more likely to be unattached to the traditional or established institutions of society. (c) Young people tend to be more adventurous and willing to take chances. (d) All of the above.

6. Ethnic minorities sometimes create ghetto, which is often characterized by: (a) High crime
(b) Unemployment
(c) Weak family structures and low educational qualifications (d) All of the above
7. Juvenile delinquency maybe defined as
(a) Young people who have spent times in juvenile detention (b) Young people who have spent time in juvenile detention (c) Juvenile courts have the legal and moral responsibility to do more than...
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