Sociology- Breaking the Norm

Topics: Money, Convenience store, Grocery store Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Introduction to Sociology
Breaking a Norm
September 26, 2011

All Money Has Value, Right?

Making a purchase with a $100 bill is just as discouraged as making a purchase using only Pennies. In the fast-paced world that we live in cashiers and customers expect our small, everyday purchases to be a quick process. When a consumer in line feels like the transaction is taking longer than they expected, that consumer has no problem letting everyone around them know how they feel. Tapping of their feet, heavy sighs, grunts, and sometime even verbal expression. Even the impatient consumers that are “nice” have a way of letting someone know when they are taking too long. Some offer to pay, or even help make change for larger bills, or trade bills for coins.

I entered a convenience store to purchase a $2.25 pack of gum with a $100 bill and was instructed by the cashier of the sign on the front of the door that states they do not accept bills larger than $20. However, the customer that had just completed their transaction of fuel and snacks that totaled at $75 was able to use a $100 with no problems. I brought the lack of consistency to the cashiers attention, and while debating the subject, a line began to form behind me. I turned to acknowledge the growing crowd and was met with unfriendly scowls and a couple sighs. One of the men behind me in line opened up his wallet and offered to make change for me so I could use a smaller, more acceptable currency, to buy my gum.

I returned to the same convenience store after the cashiers on duty had changed shifts and attempted the same purchase of gum, only this time I had a cup full of pennies. As I started pouring the monies out onto the counter, I was immediately stopped by the cashier. She said that she could not accept...
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