Sociology: Breaking the Norm

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Breaking the Norm Project
For my breaking the norm project I did a quite simple, yet effective action that definitely broke the norm of a regular society. Before I carried out my experiment I made some predictions as to the potential outcomes of what I was going to perform. I went a full day greeting at least two complete strangers in each place I went to in a single day. I went to a grocery store and Dick’s Sporting Goods. I got some mixed reactions that depended on age for the most part. First, I went to a grocery store and tried my experiment there. I first greeted a girl that I assume was around my age based on her appearance. Surprisingly, she was actually very sweet and she replied with the most sincerity I have seen a complete stranger greet me with. I did not expect her to be so cordial with that encounter, but I am glad it went that way. I then greeted an older gentleman that was in the produce section, and I got the same reaction as my first encounter. He seemed very honest with his response to me. I feel as though people tend to be friendlier in a grocery store for some reason. I thought it might be because when one is getting food for their family or themselves it gives them some feeling of comfort or relief.

On my visit to Dick’s I walked in and went to the hunting/ fishing section to carry out my experiment. I came across a man, who was probably in his thirties, and his son: he was probably no older than six. I said “Hello sir how are you?” and he replied, “Good! Hope you are!” As I walked away I could hear his son asking, “Daddy, who is that?” and his reply was, “Just a nice man.” I’m not sure why but that made me feel pretty good inside. It made me realize that there are people who still enjoy being treated nice by complete strangers. My experiment was going really well, but of course not everything can be perfect. The next person I saw was a man that was probably in his mid-twenties in the golf section looking at clubs. I started by...
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