Sociology Behind Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption is by far, the best movie I have ever seen pertaining to sociology. This movie displayed themes of sociology better than The Breakfast Club and Dead Poets Society. Shawshank Redemption mostly dealt with socialization and things related to socialization. Also, Total Institution desocialization and resocilaization are shown in the movie.

First of all, Socialization is shown in the movie. Socialization is described as the learning process that begins at birth and ends at death. Here I have a great quote from the movie that shows Andy’s socialization. “The funny thing is on the outside I was an honest man, strait as an arrow, I had to come to prison to learn how to be a crook. Another thing the prisoners had to learn was no blasphemy was aloud in Shawshank. Also, Red (Morgan Freedman) changed considerably in the years he knew Andy. Throughout the movie, every decade he tries to get released on parole, but always gets denied. As a result of everything he has experienced and Andy, he tells the board at his final hearing that he does not care if he gets released. When asked if he feels rehabilitated, he says the rehabilitated is a bullshit word. Therefore, mostly all the characters experienced some sort of socialization.

Next, is Total Institution Desocialization and Resocialization. The best example of this is Brooks. Brooks has spent over 50 years in prison and prison is all he knows. When he gets released on parole he is totally lost. The outside world is just to much for him to handle. The insanity of the outside world is different that it even pushes Brooks to suicide. When you enter the prison, you are desocialized. Every aspect of your life is changed. Being released and entering the free world again is resocialization. This quote by Red is a perfect example of what I am trying to say. “These walls are funny; first you hate them then you love then. Enough time passes, you depend on them-that is institutionalization.” Also, here’s...
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