Sociology and Young Professionals

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  • Published : November 10, 2012
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Ontela PicDeck Case Memo
Jamie Chen
I. Background and Target Segment Recommendation

Ontela’s PicDeck provides seamless transition of pictures from camera phones to other network devices and this service has been well received by the media. PicDeck offers value to their subscribers by providing a more convenient imaging experience. Based on the segment personas and the customer survey, this memo recommends that for the young professional represented by Steve, PicDeck is the best choice of technology solutions for uploading personal photos to the internet because it’s professional and it simplifies their lifestyles.

I think PicDeck should focus on the young professionals since the young professional will definitely utilize the service in their business and will see the value of PicDeck for personal photos which would increase their usage and dependency of the service. Given the age group of this segment, they will be able to quickly adapt to the new technology once they are committed to using it. And once they commit to use it they will become PicDeck’s regular customers. In the young professional customer persona represented by Steve, we can conclude that Steve is not a user of new technology but he knows about it. In today’s growing business world, we can safely assume that a young professional of 27 year-old has to have new technology because it’s useful for their work and it provides them with entertainment.

II. Quantitative Analysis

To figure out the important differences between segments, we look at the customer survey spreadsheet conducted based on the cluster analysis. From the spreadsheet, we observe that cluster 4 with the median age of 30, is more likely to represent the recommended customer segment of young professionals. The survey shows that two of the most attractive benefits to young professionals with new mobile technology are professional and easy to use. Based on the survey, 93% of the young professionals pay for their own...
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