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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Question 1 of 25 1.0 Points

Prior to a formal system of education that included schools, teachers, and diplomas how was the manifest function of education accomplished? A. Through a process of acculturation.

B. Through heredity and genetics.

C. Children relied on instinct to develop skills needed.

D. Children relied on experimentation and imitation

Answer Key: A
Question 2 of 25 1.0 Points

What is the central sociological principle of education as it relates to a nation's needs? A. It is a reflection of the nation's culture and economy B. It creates a system of labeling individuals to facilitate occupation and role
C. It is a formal system necessary for international recognition.
D. It is the basis of developing a sense of national pride.

Answer Key: A
Question 3 of 25 1.0 Points

Although cooperation is a core value in Japan, Japanese students are admitted to college only on the basis of intense competition. This is an example of a[n] ________. A. cultural contradiction

B. value conflict

C. status inconsistency

D. role ambiguity

Answer Key: A
Question 4 of 25 1.0 Points

When employers use diplomas and degrees more and more to determine who is eligible for jobs, even though the diploma or degree may be irrelevant to the actual work, it becomes a ________ society. A. fiduciary

B. bifurcated

C. credential

D. bureaucratic

Answer Key: C
Question 5 of 25 1.0 Points

What is the process by which schools pass a society's core values from one generation to the next? A. cultural transmission of values

B. social integration of education

C. multiculturalism of society

D. social pluralism of culture

Answer Key: A
Question 6 of 25 1.0 Points

You are taking an IQ test which will be used to determine your intelligence level. The first question asks you to identify all of the equipment you will need to play the game of shoeball. The second question asks the rules of the game. Finally, the third question asks you to explain how shoeball is scored and the number of points you need to win the game. Based on this question, what does the test demonstrate? A. It accurately measures intelligence.

B. The test is valid and reliable.

C. The test is totally unreliable

D. It has a cultural bias in measuring intelligence.

Answer Key: D
Question 7 of 25 1.0 Points

What do studies demonstrate in regard to the level of social skills home schooled students develop? A. Home schooled students are functionally illiterate when it comes to social skills.
B. Home schooled students have significant behavioral problems.
C. Home schooled students are shy and timid when encountering new social situations.
D. Home schooled students are equal or do better than conventional schooled students.

Answer Key: D
Question 8 of 25 1.0 Points

What is the correspondence principle?
A. The social structure of schools reflects their society.
B. Family structure is based on the school's structure.

C. Students can learn easier through distance education.

D. Large corporations control what is taught in American schools.

Answer Key: A
Question 9 of 25 1.0 Points

What did Durkheim call the common elements of everyday life? A. sanctified
B. profane

C. sacred

D. civil

Answer Key: B
Question 10 of 25 1.0 Points

Which sociological perspective is aligned with the belief religion attaches meaning to our lives, provides emotion comfort during times of sorrow, creates a sense of solidarity with others and provides guidelines with which to direct our lives? A. the feminist perspective

B. functionalism

C. symbolic ineractionism

D. the conflict perspective

Answer Key: B
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