Sociology and Other Cultures

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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Sociology Essay
Sociology and Other Cultures
Culture is a group of people who share beliefs and is a shared way of life. The Kgatla tribe of South Africa, The Tchambuli tribe of New Guinea and Body Ritual among the Nacirema have some similarities as well as differences to the British culture. Gender roles, religion and family are presented in different ways among these tribes and their culture.

The culture and norms of the Kgatla tribe of South Africa are very different to the British culture; here gender roles have swapped “The women and girls till the fields build and repair walls....” whereas in the British culture the men are seen to do the manual labour while the women are left to the domestic roles within the household. “Men on the other hand have no regular daily work in the villages”, this would be seen as a deviant act in the British Culture due to that men were seen to do the work that the women are doing. However the boys of the Kgatla tribe are doing manual jobs which is the same as the British culture, were boys would be doing jobs with their hands which our culture thinks would prepare them for later life. Women in the Kgatla tribe are seen as the manual labourers as well as being domesticated and looking after the family, were as in the British culture women are seen as nothing but nurtures and domesticated. Men still have the status and are the dominated sex in the Kgatla tribe as well in the British culture even though the women do the work.

The Tchambuli tribe of the New Guinea have their similarities and differences to the British cultures were the conjugal roles for men and women are not permitted for the opposite sex to do. The gender roles in this culture are different to that of the British culture “adult males in Tchambuli interested in art in theatre” to some extent the men in the British culture are interested in fine arts but it would mainly be seen as a female thing. Whereas “the women go with shaven head, unadorned”...
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