Sociology and Modernization

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  • Published : August 9, 2009
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What is modernization? According to our text, modernization is the process of social change begun by industrialization. “The term modernization became prominent in the social sciences and in more general discourse in the years following World War II. Increasing attention was then being paid to the possibility that the so-called underdeveloped societies of the Third World might attain levels of development—whether economic, social, or political—hitherto associated only with modern industrial societies (Eisenstadt).” The text states, “Peter Berger (1977) identified four major characteristics of modernization: the decline of small traditional communities, the expansion of personal choice, increasing social diversity and orientation toward the future and a growing awareness of time.” How does modernization manifest itself in U.S. society? Many things are happening in the U.S. today. We are fighting a war in another country whether we are there for the right or wrong reasons. This past year we saw the very first presidential election where we had a potential black or female presidential candidate. We have seen the real estate and job market decline in a way it has not in years. Our health options are changing which is good. For years, many of us have not been able to have health insurance due to high cost and politicians regulating who can and cannot get treatment. Is modernization likely to continue in the U.S.? “Modernization is likely to continue in the U. S. Modernization was brought on by the industrial age, since that time society has only grown and gone forward with progress, and progress and modernization go hand in hand in the growth of any country. Once modernization takes hold in a country, it never lets go, people with knowledge thrust for more. The more a person knows, the more they want to know, so yes modernization is here to stay” (Tyrer). For example, communities are changing. Years ago when people lived in smaller communities family was the most...
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