Sociology and Main Land Base

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Do you think that sociologists should try to reform society, or to study it dispassionately? In my opinion sociologist should try to study society dispassionate to not disturb or change a human beliefs and emotions. A sociologist might want to study material dispassionately so they can get a broader view and possibly a new outlook on the subject without their personal beliefs or opinions affecting the outcome. I stress this because the study of our average society is enough as it is because no one can really perfect the true way of life the way people feel or there overall outlook on life. I also feel that they shouldn’t try to reform society as well. For example in religion or people in the world there always going deny any form of change that they don’t agree with because people have their own beliefs. I feel that sociologist should study dispassionately because they don’t want to mess up the natural flow of how human society interacts because if they studied dispassionately that could drastically ruin their entire research because there messing up the normal flow of human beings way of life. Sometimes they block out things they see or hear because they feel passionately about the subject so this causes them to collect only one side of their subject so they can get the main land base of what they are studying not seeing a complete picture of what they are trying to understand and get a clearer understanding, so there for only collecting half the data is just a stepping stone in their true mission which is trying to make our society as we know it a better place which could possibly put a halt on the progression of society. I feel that in some situations as like my job for instance some people can be passionate about their work, about the cause, or what they are fighting for, but if u really stop and think once there short term passion is complete how long would it take for that particular group of people to make a long term? Sometimes that would even put our own...
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