Sociology and Eve Refers

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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ntroduction: Eve Teasing Is An Ultra Modern Nuisance In Our Modern Life. It Has Become The Retest Social Problem Nowadays. A Number Of Innocent Girls Have Already Committed Suicide Around The Country Being Victims Of This Social Even Killed By The Teasers. So, It Is A Crying Need To Stand Against Eve Teasing.

What Is Eve Teasing: “Eve” Refers To The First Woman In World Mentioned In The Bible? All Women Represent “Eve Trashing”. It Is Actually A Euphemism For Sexual Harassment Street Harassment Of Women By Men.

What Eve Teasing Includes: School And College Going Girls, Female Teachers And Working Women Especially Become Victims Of Eve Teasers On The Streets. They Are Teased In Different Ways. These Include Use On The Streets. They Are Teased In Different Ways. These Include Use Of Slang Language, Singing Irritating Songs, Making Vulgar Movement Of The Limbs, Offering Flying Kiss, Taking Snaps, Coming Unexpectedly In Physical Contact Etc. Working Women Are Also Teased In The Above Ways Sometimes In Their Working Places.

Who Are Eve Teasers: The Eve Teasers Come Form Different Walks Of Life. According To A Study Of Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association, Teenage Boys, Rickshaw Pullets, Bus Drivers, Street Vendors, Traffic Police And Sometimes Supervisors Of Colleague Of The Working Women Are Found To Be Eve Teasers.

Reasons Behind Eve Teasing: Eve Teasing Started Increasing Rapidly When More And More Women Started Going Out Independently For Education Or Work. But Actually This Is Not The Main Reason. Anther, Moral Degradation And Gender Discrimination Are The Main Reasons Behind Eve Teasing. Besides, Lack Of Suitable Laws To Punish The Teasers Makes It Worse.

Consequences Of Eve Teasing: Eve Teasing Leaves Deep Psychological Effects Of The Victims. This Often Results In Suicide. Besides, Often It Is Associated With Rape And Murder. It Also Increases Drop-Out Rate Of Girls Form School.

Steps Already Taken To Stop Eve Teasing: The Govt. Has...
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