Sociology and Early Work Rodriquez

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Family Value
Here in the house of God does one find solaces in their own sexuality. Is it to much to ask for acceptance in who a person wants to be, without having faith questioned by the people called family. As a Catholic we are taught to follow in the views of our savior, we are taught to never sin. Not just Catholics are bound to rules of a holy book, others are just as ruling. To flee and hide from the person who really lives inside, scared to share the feeling that one may have, Richard Rodriquez knows to well.

Family and their values differ from household to household. For a Hispanic immigrant and a intellectual Catholic male, making an announcement that involves the reality of his sexuality to his family is marked in the holy book as sin, giving disgrace to the name. As a religious believer struggling through the hardship of acceptance from family. He reaches deeper into the true meaning of family and the value it holds.

Facing the different cultures and idealistic views that clashed in the thoughts of Rodriguez, he breaks the rules of traditional philosophical writing. Rodriquez puts together information from individual sectors composing a display of personal anecdotes and hypothetical examples within the essay, declaring his thoughts that Americans’ traditional beliefs do not always correspond with reality. Using the literature works of generalization and paradoxical exemplification, Rodriquez voices his views and belief about family values in America.

Through the comparison to his essay family views to some of his early work Rodriquez analysis the American culture. Because of the time he was born , and the fat he was an immigrant he was born into a life of a simplistic family-oriented atmosphere at home and a advanced individualized setting at school.

As he broadens horizon his education takes him to graduate from Stanford University with a BA, from Columbia University with an MA, and as years past a PhD in Renaissance literature...
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