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  • Published: October 12, 2014
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Ch. 5 Lecture Outline
SOC 106
A. History
1.The Colonial Period
a.Ethnic groups came for economic, political, or religious reasons
b.First to encounter Native Americans
c.Limited social interactions between settlers and natives
d.Cultural differences resulted in ______________________ reactions from both sides
2.Cultural Diversity
a.Settlers were culturally distinct from one another in nationality and religion
b.English Quaker, William Penn, recruited several hundred Dutch and many more German settlers.
c.“Pennsylvania Dutch” were of German descent
i.Dutch is a corruption of Deutsch, means “German”
3.Religious Intolerance
a.Religious differences caused social problems
b.Many people who first crossed the Atlantic as immigrants had been religious dissenters in their native land
c.Were seeking a _________________ in the new land
i.a place of religious _____________________
d.Brought with them their own religious ________________
i.They came seeking religious freedom
ii.many were ____________________ of others with different religious beliefs
e.1691, “liberty of conscience” included all Christians and Baptists, but excluded Catholics.
i.Dislike of Catholics was the one common ground which all protestants could agree
f.Presbyterians, Baptists, Quakers, German Reform, and Lutherans were “frontier”
i.intolerant of one another
ii.shared a strong dislike of Angelicans
iii.Angelicans disliked New England Puritans; New Englanders reciprocated the feelings
g.Religious clashes were not uncommon.
h.“Any attempt to portray the colonies as unified and homogeneous would be misguided”
B.The Early National Period
1.Early Period
a.Because no single religion dominated the colonies, religious tolerance slowly...
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